Picnic on the Green 2024


We were invited to take part in the picnic this year. This year the trustees decided to make it a thank you lunch for all our helpers and volunteers so invitations were sent out by Penny Leigh and 20 were expected.


Well, the day dawned grey and overcast but the trustees set off, one came from outside the Parish with the food, Richard Knox and Kay Murry rounded up tables and chairs and most importantly the liquid refreshments.Sue Knight came along with a magnificent cake for the afternoon.


The advance party Richard, Charlie and Susan assisted by Kevin erected the Gazebo and began setting out the tables and chairs, the wind picked up and suddenly the gazebo up ended itself backwards in the wind. Assistance from the River Wey Trust and another stall arrived in the form of nice long stakes and a hammer to secure the gazebo. No damage.


Kevin fetched ice from Sainsburys and coffee from the Cinema to fortify the workers and by 12 noon we were ready. Chicken and ham or asparagus quiche with various salads followed by fresh fruit salad and cream or Jamie Oliver’s chocolate mousse was our menu and eaten under a thunderous sky and the odd blush of rain. Charlie’s pastor from Bordon passed by and joined us for lunch as did several regular Age Concern Liphook faces.

By 3 pm all were fed and watered and as the weather was not improving most of our guests departed, Susan and Charlie took all the washing up into the Millenium Centre where Gill Sneddon, “Mrs Dynamite” the event organizer very kindly let us use the copious hot water to wash everything up. Stakes were returned to the very kind lenders and the tables and chairs packed away to return to the churches and we all went home.


The winner of guess the number of sweets in the jar was the very first person to inspect the jar and pay their 20 pence.


Congratulations to Karen Martin & Ryan shown here collecting their prize having guessed there were 267 sweets in the jar, which was the closest to the actual total of 285.