Telephone Madness, June 19 2024


British Telecom has decided to move everyone to new improved digital voice service and withdraw the copper wire service?


How does this affect everyone?


Well if you have a landline you will notice that when there is a power cut you will not be able to use the new system. If you have an alarm to contact family friends or a neighbour if you have a fall or mishap the alarm will not work.


If you have a mobile and there is a power cut the phone will stop working when it runs out of charge. Not great progress.

However if you register with BT as elderly, disabled or a person with an alarm there is help available, it is a Hybrid telephone or a battery backup unit but you have to ask for it and there is no alternative to the new phone system which is rolling out across the country. However if you let British Telecom know that you will face problems when the system is rolled out in your area they will provide you with a Hybrid phone or a battery backup unit which will charge your mobile phone.


You have to ask for it and get yourself registered for the extra support.


If you would like to do this and need some help Age Concern Liphook has a draft letter which you can use and just add in your own address and telephone number.


Do not wait, like making a will it never seems urgent until it is too late!


Susan Garnett