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Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Nowadays, more and more SMEs are turning to the cloud. Below, are three of the biggest advantages of cloud-based working:

1) Anytime, Anywhere

Work from anywhere, at any time of the day, as documents, systems and working materials are available at all times, for a fully flexible working experience. All you require is an internet connection and a device, for example, your mobile, tablet or laptop. Flexible working may also play a part in driving efficiency and productivity, as it is often regarded as an employee benefit, therefore attracting more skilled staff and retaining existing team members.

Collaboration is ultimately made easier using the Cloud, whether you’re sitting next to your colleagues or are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Shared apps and documents provide employees with the opportunity to sync up and work collaboratively. Again, this improves not only the efficiency but also the productivity of your business.

2) Flexible To Your Business Requirements

One of the biggest advantages of Cloud computing is the flexibility that it brings to your organization. With the potentially volatile nature of marketing conditions, the cloud increases your ability to quickly address and respond to ever changing demands, which may be the key to unlocking success and driving competitive advantage.

Planning ahead for a possible upscale or downscale of your IT system is difficult and can lead to excessive and unnecessary costs. Using the Cloud model means your IT grows with your business as and when you need it. This means your IT system can be updated in relation to your specific business requirements, only when necessary.

Calculating budgets is also much more simple with the Cloud, as each new employee has on demand access and you only pay per person. This means that SME’s can manage and plan their monthly budgets and bills easily and align these with company growth.

3) Simplified Disaster Recovery

Your business can experience disruption at any time, therefore it is important that every business takes disaster recovery seriously. For traditional systems, disaster recovery is much more complex, as these systems are more susceptible to situations such as flooding, fires and theft. This situation is much less detrimental when using Cloud systems, as you will still be able to access documents and applications via the cloud, therefore making contingency planning much easier.

Not only are Cloud systems considered advantageous in these situations but also when employees are unable to get into the office, for example, due to bad weather or transport network disruption, making the routine commute impossible. As long as your staff have an internet connection and a device to work from, they will still be able to work from home.

These are just three of the biggest advantages of Cloud computing but there are many more, which may be even more important and relevant to your industry, so don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team on 0141 644 8960 for more information.

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Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

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