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Business Flexibility, Mobility, and The Cloud

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It’s no secret, the world around us in a constant state of flux.

Trends come and go, technology is pushing forward at an unprecedented rate and attitudes are evolving gradually. It should come as no surprise then that the way we work is currently in disrepute.

8 hour, 1 hour, 12 hour working days. Desk, chair and monitor – the shackles that come with being a white-collar worker are being questioned. Most of us can agree that of the 8 hours we spend at our desk, perhaps 5 – maybe 6, on a good day, are actually productive. In fact, there is growing evidence which suggests working in excess of eight hours a day is pointless, due to plateauing productivity as our focus slips. A recent study found that only half of British workers spend six hours or more productively working on an average day, with one-third admitting to wasting up to three hours a day by being unable to concentrate or distracted by chatter.

Countries like Sweden are close to introducing a 6 hour day, businesses like Diageo allow employees to present an alternative work week and provide the opportunity for employees to “hot desk” from home.

1 in 3 British workers check their work emails before 6.30am and 80% of employers find it acceptable to call employees out of hours.

It’s clear, things are no longer as they were. Work doesn’t start and stop when we arrive and leave the office. According to the Family Friendly Working Scotland group, only 12% of workers now feel that their work-life balance is just right.

So, with all this change in the air. Growing pressure from employees and academics alike, it seems the perfect time for businesses to start experimenting with how things are done.

Cloud technology has reached maturity – 99% of businesses now utilise it in some form. Communication, collaboration and remote access to files, folders data are all a click away. Laptops are lighter than ever, tablets are more powerful and internet connectivity is omnipresent. According to The Office for National Statistics, 74% of adults use internet “on the go” and recent studies by The Centre for Economics and Business Research revealed that a staggering 14.1 million British workers want to work flexibly. The future is upon us and there has never been a better time for businesses to offer their workers flexibility and mobility.

Surface, bizanywhere

Business is changing. Where we do it and how we do it is now completely up to you. As a 360 IT solutions company, we see the first hand benefit of mobility. Organisations are able to adapt to change immediately, employees are empowered by the trust and freedom that comes with working from anywhere and most importantly, employees are able to attract and retain talent better leading to a more effective and productive business.

If you’d like to learn more about how technology aids flexible working, or what how bizanywhere has helped businesses transform their work environment, then download our latest guide to working AnyTime, Any Place



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Business Flexibility, Mobility, and The Cloud

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