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First-Hand Experience Working from Home

Beginning to work remotely only recently, I was apprehensive of the complications that may arise if a few of us were out of the office at once. With things like internal communication, calls being taken and assisting a client suffering from a critical issue as there isn’t someone to physically turn around to for assistance.

I quickly found the benefits of remote working when I found I had a flat tyre when leaving for work one morning, but as I had my Surface Book with me I was able to start working from home without any setup, just plug and play. As I work on the same device at home as in the office, I had all my files and apps waiting for me. Any files that I didn’t have on my device are fully accessible within SharePoint which is stored securely within the Microsoft Cloud meaning I can access any files anywhere, anytime. Having our helpdesk case logging system within Dynamics 365 (also in the cloud) means that I can log in from anywhere and support our clients.


These benefits were built on even more so with the recent weather. As I always carry my device with me I could sleep easy the night before, not worrying about how I would get in to the office, but that I was ready to work from home at a moment’s notice just plug in to my dock and everything fires up, my secondary display comes on, I am connected to wired internet and my device is charging ready to work without having to face the commute in seven inches of snow.

The issues that I was most apprehensive about soon became a thing of the past with the help of Abica and Microsoft Teams. We were able to configure the phones so that we could use them through an application on our PC. Which allows us to make calls, answer and transfer as if we were in the office with the office number. Microsoft Teams allowing us to message other members of the company directly and update our team or whole company quickly with just a simple message which means even if you aren’t in the office, you don’t miss out on any announcements and you can refer to previous messages at any time.

There is also benefits as a company, a study by the centre for economic and business research found that a work from anywhere attitude could add an extra £11.5 billion per year to the UK, further to this the same study revealed a staggering 96% of employees would prefer to work from home. Meaning that if the option of working from home was made available this would mean lower levels of stress leading to a better wellbeing and increased job satisfaction.


Considering all this working from home has only benefited myself, I am happier in general as I am not wasting time commuting to and from the office which can save me up to 3 hours a day, which is more time to spend socialising with friends and family. This also reduces my travel costs by around £750 per year, as I have just turned 22 and currently trying to save for my first home, any extra money saved is a bonus.

Being out of the office also means I get a lot more done as there aren’t as many distractions from other colleagues and other office shenanigans, meaning I get through a lot more work as I can focus completely on my tasks and can more easily get things through to completion. Although there are still some issues we are working to iron out in regards to the way calling from our PC’s are handled and transferred between users, we are taking steps closer to be working seamlessly in home, office or anywhere in between.

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First-Hand Experience Working from Home

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