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How did bizanywhere help CCA “avoid that sinking feeling”?

“This has been one of those weeks as they say, a combination of upgrading everything in the CCA office to Windows 365 and bravely upgrading to the new iPhone iOS. It’s fair to say that I feel forced into becoming left-handed with my right-hand firmly tied behind my back. Too old to be digitally native but too young to admit it, struggling with facial recognition and a host of new tricks on our swanky new surface pro devices. Thankfully some humour amongst the swear words in the team ‘why is my face not working this morning!’

Younger members of the team of course took the whole experience in their stride, and through fearless trial and error (not to mention an innate hardwiring!) we quickly had a total role reversal putting aside pride to admit defeat and bare our ineptitude to ‘inexperienced’ colleagues.

In addition to having digital natives around, what got us through the week was the great customer service from our IT services company, bizanywhere, who, in my case, managed to answer daft questions with a straight face, resisting the temptation to make me feel as stupid as I felt. As a customer in need, I didn’t feel deserted, an inconvenience, or indeed that the burden of effort was on me.”


If you’re new to bizanywhere and wondered what it was we do, then look no further. Last week our team were doing what they do best; installing the latest technology, listening to customers concerns and delivering an unapparelled services.
It’s easy enough for an IT company to introduce an entire new system to a business, perform a quick PowerPoint and then disappear waiting for the billable hours to come rolling in, but that’s not bizanywhere. The devices we introduce are carefully considered, the training is presented on mass, then tailored to the individual.
As CEO of CCA, Anne Marie Forsyth kindly noted in her latest blog “Avoiding That Sinking Feeling”; no question is too silly. Everyone from the digital native to the boomer, have questions specific to their comfort level and individual needs and our job is to ensure that everyone using our service and equipment begins their bizanywhere journey with all the tools necessary to help them succeed.
To many of you reading this, you may think this sounds like superb customer service and that as a business we know how to keep our clients happy. But that’s not what’s happening here. Our service is ingrained in our team. The smiles are sincere, the knowledge comes from passion and the fact that we stick around and help everyone learn the ins-and-outs of Office 365 comes from a genuine mutual respect and concern for the people we work with because the truth of the matter is, our success is our customer’s success.

If you’d like to know more about the devices we install or the services we offer, then contact us at info@wearepcr.com, call us on 0345 896 979 or download our latest guide “AnyTime, Any Where – A Guide To Flexibility and Mobility.

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"We love the support service we receive from bizanywhere. Fast, helpful and expert."

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How did bizanywhere help CCA “avoid that sinking feeling”?

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