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What is Microsoft Surface Hub?

What is Microsoft Surface Hub?

More and more, businesses collaborate from more places than just an office. To make this distributed model work, we rely on technology to keep employees in sync and keep everyone in the loop. The Microsoft Surface Hub makes working with others productive, wherever you are.

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Drive innovation together

By providing a better collaboration experience, the Surface Hub enhances your group’s ability to innovate and develop new ideas more quickly. With a large digital canvas, fluid inking capabilities and 100 touch points, it delivers improved efficiency, user experience and engagement.

No additional connectivity with another device is required to access applications. Apps like Skype for Business, Office 365 and Word are integrated into the device. Natural, fluid inking capabilities with virtually no latency make writing and drawing as natural as using pen and paper. Users can contribute simultaneously with the pens provided and you can distinguish between contributions easily.

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Get things done quickly

Meetings can start instantaneously as soon as someone enters the room. A single tap allows users to join the meeting and there is no need to login or connect any equipment.

It’s easy to share content wirelessly via Miracast or using a wired device. Multiple items can be shared side-by-side and annotated. Any Windows application can be shared from any personal device to the Surface Hub. There are also handy features such as pinch-to-zoom, lassoing and sharing content elsewhere. At the end of a session, content can automatically be sent to meeting attendees.

The Surface Hub has a wide-angle HD camera on either side which produces HD video. The cameras have sensors for ambient light and infrared presence, allowing the hub to react to light levels or heat in the room. The cameras are intended to automatically track a person moving from one side of the display to the other.

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Successful group collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub offers capabilities other solutions cannot provide. Successful group collaboration in today’s workplace requires more than a meeting room and a whiteboard.

Companies are looking for ways to allow employees to work together no matter where they are working. Improving collaboration also improves business performance and employee productivity, allowing an exceptional return on investment. The Surface Hub makes this possible by giving distributed teams and remote workers the tools to be more productive and engaged.

The complete Surface Hub solution

All the benefits of the Surface Hub, including the device, stand or mount, installation, training and support for a single low monthly payment. With 36 and 60-month options, we have a budget-friendly option that frees up your cash flow for other investments.

Our experienced team will plan, build and manage your Surface Hub installation to suit your needs. We will visit your site and evaluate your network infrastructure. We will then install the hardware, any apps required and perform functional tests. First class training and IT support is included to help your team use Surface Hub to its full potential.

Enjoy a bundled collaboration solution for a fee as low as £350/month.

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What is Microsoft Surface Hub?

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