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Microsoft Teams – what’s it all about?

For years, we’ve sold technology solutions when clients need to replace old kit. Conversations were around upgrading to ‘make things faster’ and increase the capability for a growing company. It wasn’t until we released bizanywhere in October 2015 that these conversations became interesting and less technical for the client. Anyone can replace equipment to make things faster, but can you be certain that the new solution will revolutionise the business? We support the SME marketplace, typically in owner managed companies with up to around 50 employees. As a director of a similar business, I understand our clients wish to hold onto their cash and only invest where required – after all, we may enjoy our trades but we are here to put food on the table back home.

Over the past 12 months we’ve introduced Surface Pro’s and Office 365 apps to more clients than ever and the productivity gains have been incredible. With our ‘buy nothing, subscription only’ model, our clients get to hold onto their cash. We practice what we preach and use all this technology ourselves too. In fact, I’m working from home today clearing through several tasks whilst also writing this blog.

So, we’ve changed the way both us and our clients work by introducing some of the latest Microsoft apps – what’s next?

Teams. One word, very simple.


Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Yammer are all great, but when you’re not natively a techie how do you know where to go when you need to complete a task? We’ve been previewing Microsoft Teams since its initial preview release in 2016. Rather than switching from app to app to carry out essentially one task, Teams takes the magic of each app (i.e. it’s functionality) and presents it to you organised by team with sub-channels for individual topics or projects within that team. This is a perfect fit for the modern business.

Here’s how we’re using it. In 2015, fed-up of the small business hierarchy that we accidentally created, we removed all manager roles, flattened the company and run in small teams with Leaders. We’ve worked hard to empower every individual to take control of their own role and with the support of their team leader, achieve their own objectives which tie into the overall company.


Within Microsoft Teams, we have each of our sub-team’s setup as well as other functions (like an overall company team for all company-wide collaboration). Within each Team we have a conversation space for Facebook like discussion, we can start a video call at the touch of a button that notifies everyone in the team for joining, we store shared files, have a team OneNote to collaborate, the list is almost endless.

It is early days for this new app but we see where this is going for us and our clients. If you’d like to discuss Teams, the modern workplace (Office 365, Surface, Windows 10) or anything else please do get in touch!

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Microsoft Teams – what’s it all about?

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